personal branding photography for THE modern business owner, AUTHOR, entrepreneur, ACTOR, creativE OR coach

Think of all the places your client encounters you before they even meet you. Website landing pages, about pages, email signature, social media, directories, printed marketing, press releases, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, stories & even reels. The list goes on and on.

What does your brand look like right now? A bit of a mess? An image of you three hair colours ago? Six selfies and a photo your husband took? Not sure if you'd do business with you?

Don't stress - you're in the right place.



Let's get your photoshoot brief sorted.

Do you have a brief? Awesome, let's do this. Don't know what you need? No problem, use the guide to plan yours!

Ready to level up your brand?



You want your client base to easily relate to you


You want images to showcase you behind the scenes

You're a creative wanting authentic imagery to elevate your brands identity

You want something "more" than a traditional white backdrop headshot

You're the face of your brand and your clients want to know you

know you need it but aren't sure where to start?



Get in touch & tell me what you're after

If you've already got a brief or some examples in mind that's awesome! If not, don't stress - I've got you covered. You'll receive my photoshoot shot list and personal branding template and questionnaire we together can easily create your branding shoot brief.

Literally have the best shoot day ever

You'll be fully prepared with your photoshoot brief and wardrobe options in hand. We'll shoot you and your content and I'll guide you through any posing to ensure we create images that authentically reflect your brand AND that you're proud to use online!

Start using your epic new brand imagery

After your photoshoot, you'll receive your beautiful new branding images in a password protected gallery. Start getting your new look online by downloading straight to your device, dropbox or even share the gallery with your website designer or marketing manager.

A woman giving an injectables service to another woman during a business branding photoshoot in Hamilton, Waikato. Photographed by Haley Adele Photography
Branding interior images of the inside of Ellis and Jones Injectables clinic in Hamilton Central
Personal Branding headshot of Aly from Ellis and Jones, Hamilton Injectables Clinic

Ready to ditch the stock images and start using authentic and on-brand imagery that gives your business credibility and positions you as a leading expert in your industry?


What's Included:

A close up image of a coffee cup taken during a branding headshot photoshoot with haley adele photography in hamilton central

Personal branding photoshoots are just that, personal.

Together we'll create a brief that serves you and your brand. Your photoshoot shot list will be customised to your needs. Your photoshoot includes:


The Wardrobe Planning Guide


The Shot List and Branding Brief Template & Guide

Your Photoshoot Consult and Pre-shoot Questionnaire to ensure we create images that truly represent your brand ethos


Online Password Protected Gallery to conveniently download your High Resolution and Web-size files from


A women wearing a green blazer and jeans sitting outside a cafe with a take away cup working at her computer during a photoshoot for author branding headshots in hamilton waikato


Pricing starts from $950 + GST



Check out some of my work with recent businesses and professionals around Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland on the blog!


Branding images of a beauty technician handling product at Hideaway Skin Boutique. Photographed by Haley Adele Photography
Interior images of the interior decor at Hideaway Skin Boutique. Photographed by Haley Adele Photography.
Personal branding headshots of a small business owner taken at Hideaway Skin Boutique in Cambridge, Waikato. Photographed by Haley Adele Photography
Interior image of a beauty clinic in Cambridge, Waikato called Hideaway Skin Boutique. Photographed by Haley Adele Photography

Say HELLO! Let's get to work.


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