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Sometimes it's hard to know what you'll need as a business owner, especially if you don't have a marketing team or strategist making a list for you. I get it, I've been there myself and I've helped many a business owner with narrowing down what is actually going to be beneficial for them. Do they really just need a basic headshot or would it actually be beneficial for them to have a full branding package. To help with the confusion around what type of images you might need, I've put together the top 10 image types that clients have needed for their businesses.

The Basic Headshot

The perfect kind of image when you need to present a clean and professional image of yourself for things like your profile photo on your website and social media, business card, speaking engagements and job applications. These are usually taken on a plain backdrop and are usually used either chest up or waist up. This is the most essential, can't live without shot that you need to have no matter what your industry is or where you are at in your business or career.

The Branding Headshot

Similar to a headshot but so much more. Think of these as stylised portraits that place more emphasis on your personality and brand and often include props. These kind of images are far more likely to be remembered by people and are perfect for profile photos, introducing yourself to your followers, about me sections on your website and advertising for courses, guides, online workshops, bookings are so much more.

The Team Photo

If you work in a team, this is for you. An image that shows you and your team, employees or partners is a must have when you want clients and followers to foster trust and encourage them to feel like they are more invested in you, your team and doing business with you. Perfect for get to know the team posts on social media as well as your website!

The Location Shot

When you invite your clients to do business with you in your own space, it's important to show off that environment. One of the big drivers behind spending for some people is a sense of belonging. Create a brand clients want to be associated with by showing off your showroom, office space, restaurant, bar, salon, retail space or even co working or meeting room.

The Action Shot

Having action shots of yourself or your team providing your services or taking your client through the process of doing business with you are instrumental in setting you apart. Think about the steps in your clients journey as they experience your service and product, we want to create images that showcase that journey to instil confidence that any potential client will have that same level of service with you.

The Product Shot

Product and service images that showcase what you offer in a way that shows how much energy, thought, craftsmanship and customer service goes into your service or product. Products are most commonly photographed as flat-lays, knockout images or stylised environments. For service based businesses this could be stylised photos that show your service being delivered by your team.

The Detail Shot

Don't underestimate the power of the close up detail shot. Not only are these great for creating visual variety across your brand these are perfect for your website, content for social media posts and to mix in with your product photos on your commercial pages. If you sell a service or physical product, detail shots are essential to showing off your product. For those of you that sell an online service, this might be more about creating a sense of trust and positioning yourself as an authority.

Behind The Scenes

This is the kind of imagery that you might use to show your followers an exclusive look into your process. You could use these types of images to help a client better understand what they might experience with you and even overcome fears they may have around that. An example where I could use these myself would be to show how much fun a family has during a family photoshoot to overcome a clients worry that their kids won't behave and it will be stressful.

The Personal Shot

The get to know me personal shot could be as deep or as service level as you wanted. They're a fantastic opportunity for you to show you are outside of your immediate work environment and are a great way for your clients to connect with you on a personal level. This can really set you apart and be one of the reasons a client decides to work with you. These images could be you and your family or even your pets or doing your favourite hobby. Any of these will make you more approachable to clients as well as create trust and engagement online.

Promotional Material

A couple of examples of advertising photography could be creating a lookbook, campaign or lifestyle imagery. The main objective here is to create images that sell a product or service that have a memorable and engaging concept that attracts your ideal client, that actually converts. Lifestyle imagery focus's on selling your product by placing it into a certain lifestyle that your client wants to attain. These images are used all across the web, print and social media.

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